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Books, articles, websites, films, podcasts – what’s worth reading, watching, and listening to. [updated regularly]


Free Fall – a social drama, as critics expressed it, about “a feeling that develops in a dangerous direction. […] The German response to Brokeback Mountain”. I love this movie, it was so important on my way. They are now trying to crowdfund a sequel, Free Fall 2, you can donate here. – a website for spouses of gays and lesbians, offering a wealth of very helpful resources. I’ll write about it more in my blog post titled “Amity”.

… and The Straight Story – a short film in which gays’ wives and lesbians’ husbands describe how their partners came out after many years of marriage, how they felt in those moments, and how their lives continued afterwards.


A Pebble in His Shoe: The Diary of a Straight Spouse, by Francine Barbetta – one of the most important books during my journey towards self-acceptance, showing very well what denial can lead to.

The Cakemaker – A German pastry maker travels to Jerusalem in search of the wife and son of his dead lover.


Splendore (Splendor), by Margaret Mazzantini – a beautiful Italian novel about love. It’s essential reading for someone whose wanderings led him or her here….


Floating Skyscrapers – a film about a young swimmer (Kuba) who falls in love with a man (Michał) while married to a woman (Sylwia). The film shows the various faces of homophobia and how menacing it can be.


Moonlight – a film that received an Oscar for Best Picture in 2017. “At some point, you gotta decide for yourself who you’re going to be. Can’t let nobody make that decision for you.”


Modern Love – a weekly podcast in which actors read essays about love, loss and redemption. For example, episode 78 is about the coming out of siblings to their 95-year-old father, and episode 105, titled “A Fighting Chance,” is about the U.S. LGBT community’s fight for equal rights.


Homo Sapiens – a podcast by Will Young, a singer and actor, and Chris Sweeney, a director, about issues that are currently important for the LGBT community. It’s spiced up with plenty of British humor.


Weekend – a film about the universal struggle for a life that’s genuine in every aspect, the search for one’s own identity and the importance of pursuing one’s life passion.


Looking – a series, according to HBO, “about three 30-year-old gay men in San Francisco who discover the exciting, sometimes overwhelming, opportunities available to their generation.”


Where should we begin a podcast by Esther Perel. Esp. episode 9, season 1 – a gay couple comes to Esther for guidance on how to create a space of safety and physical intimacy, while also giving voice to past trauma.


Mine is Different – a documentary film telling the stories of parents of LGBT people. They talk about parenthood, love for their children and homophobia in an extremely frank way.


God’s Own Country – a love story about two men in the remote English countryside. Johnny Saxby, a farmer from Yorkshire, unloads his frustrations in alcohol and casual sex. His life changes when a Romanian migrant worker is hired on the farm to help with the birth of sheep.


The Line of beauty by Alan Hollinghurst – actually, anything by Alan Hollinghurst.


Call me by your name – I particularly liked the audiobook, and enjoy listening to the soundtrack in the car.


Nancy  a podcast featuring queer stories and conversations, and hosted by two best friends, neither of whom are named Nancy. It’s a podcast about how we define ourselves, and the journey it takes to get there.

Our Queer Stories – site featuring LGBT and queer stories on the topics of coming out, overcoming obstacles, self-exploration, and more. Read for example Julia Morrison’s essay “Surprise, I’m gay”.