I am glad you are here with me! Here is how you can help:)

It would be great, if you could do two things:
– share your story
– spread the word about this blog
(more on these below)


I would like to invite you to write a guest entry on this blog and tell others your story. Of course it can be an anonymous post or under a pseudonym.

There are few accounts of the lives of people like us: gays and their wives, and lesbians and their husbands. But we know we’re a large group. I get many emails from people who share their stories with me, which are very similar to mine.

Only by talking about our cause and our challenges can we help people reach a greater understanding of our decisions and actions. In order for homosexuality and bisexuality to be perceived eventually as “normal”, neutral and fully accepted by society, we need to speak, write and be visible.

And so I invite you to share your story. I leave you complete freedom in the topic of your post. It can be a description of a specific situation, or it can be more general observations and thoughts. What’s important is that you write about yourself: what your situation is, how you feel, what has been the most challenging for you and what remains a challenge for you today. You can write about what evokes the strongest emotions in you, your regrets, your plans for the future and your dreams. Or how you perceive your situation in your immediate environment (family, friends, work). And, finally, what you would like to change in your life, and whether you need help with this.

I hope you’ll write something. I’m waiting for your blog posts! Please send your posts to


Millions of gays are married to women worldwide, afraid to come out for many reasons, incl. . As you know, I came out and am now sharing my story to help those suffering. So please help me spread the word about this blog, by sharing it with your networks and talking about it. I am not asking for money, but for a few clicks on your social media:)

Thank you for your help as we are trying to reach and support those who are still struggling!